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149,597,870 Km in 7 steps, 2021

Night vision goggles, 500Kg of pine bark, taxidermy animal, soundscape produced specially for the exhibition.


"The Ocupa gallery space in Porto was previously a butcher shop and still retains some elements such as the counter, the refrigeration chamber and metal shelves.

For its exhibition at Ocupa Gallery José Taborda transformed the space into an exercise that provokes perception.

Covering all the light sources and turning the space into a completely dark room. When entering, visitors are provided with night vision goggles. The floor is covered in half a ton of pine bark and it includes a soundscape
made exclusively for the exhibition. The interactive exhibition allows the visitor to take a journey through something that would normally be impossible to see or feel in a busy commercial  street in the day time – a forest in the dark. In an immersive experience where the gallery space is transformed into a game of freedom and where multiple senses (vision, hearing, smell) are shaped to transport the viewer to a different situation.


All these elements culminate in the last part of the exhibition. When the viewer encounters a taxidermy deer face to face. The infrared light of the night vision goggles bounces back on the deer’s eyes, giving the illusion that it’s alive."

Night Vision goggles provided to each visitor at the beginning of the exhibition.

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