José Taborda, born in Lisbon (1994).


Holds a degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts University of Lisbon, also studied Fine Arts at the Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Germany.


Awarded with the A.J. Millennium BCP Foundation - Carpe Diem Foundation Prize (2018); the D.Fernando II Sculpture Prize (2018) and the Bauhaus Essentials Prize (2017). 


Taborda exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad, highlighting the exhibitions: [Collective exhibition]“From the Lab to the Studio - New Technologien und Materialien in der Kunst”, Eigenheim Gallery, Berlin (2019); [Solo Exhibition] “ Elástico”, Zaratan A.C., Lisbon (2019); [Artistic Intervention] “MINA”, National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon (2019); [Collective exhibition] “I will take the risk”, Azan, Marvila (2019); [Artist residency] Atelier Solar, Madrid (2019); [Collective exhibition] “Jet Lag”, Liminare Gallery, Lisbon (2019); [Solo exhibition] “Polpa”, Graça Brandão Gallery, Lisbon (2018); [Collective exhibition] “MATEREALITÄT - über Transformationen des Greifbaren”, Waidspeicher Gallery, Erfurt, Germany (2018); [Solo exhibition] “NOTLÜGEN - WHITE LIES”, at Summaery 17 ', Van-de-Velde Bau, Weimar, Germany (2017), among others.


"José Taborda explores the public's questioning through sensory provocations. His installations start from the combination of built and prefabricated elements,
with other mechanical and digital elements, often resulting in works that defy the limits of perception.
Antoni Tàpies argued that in art, as in the course of a magic trick, the viewer must be a believer, to the point of ignoring that it is only an illusion, so that his
experience can be full. José Taborda in his works explores, in a somewhat ironic way, the fallibility of our perceptive capacity, constantly resorting to two
movements proper to magic: that of revealing and that of hiding."

Francisco Correia, 2019


José Taborda born in  Lisbon, 1994.

Attended Escola Secundária Artística António Arroio.
Attended the Fine Arts degree at Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar, Germany.
Finalist of the Painting degree at Faculty of Fine Arts, University of  Lisbon, Portugal


1st Prize D.Fernando II Prize, MU.SA 2018

1st Prize Arte Jovem Millennium BCP Prize 2018

Awarded with the BAUHAUS Essentials Prize 2017

(Selection) Collective exhibitions / Individual exhibitions / Projects / Prizes / Conferences / Others:

2021 - (Soon) Maia Bienal, Maia

2021 - [Solo exhibitionl]Wing Walking,  EIGENHEIM Gallery, Berlin

2021 -  Apophenia- Las Palmas (Chain reaction), Culturgest, Porto

2021 - Selected for the  71st edition of Jeune Création, Foundation Fiminco, Paris

2021 - WIMBA, Steneby Konsthall, Sweden

2021 - # 7 Gabinetes, MU.SA - Museum of the Arts, Sintra


2021 - Lightshow, MONO, Lisbon

2020 - APOFENIA - Las Palmas, Culturgest | Fidelidade Art, Lisbon

2020 - Collective exhibition I will take the risk - AZAN studio, Marvila

2020 - POSITIONS Art Fair Berlin - Flughafen tempelhof - Hangar 4,Berlim


2020 - Presente Contínuo - New aquisitions Norlinda and José Lima CollectionCentro de Arte Oliva, São João da Madeira

2020 -  Speaker at the Gerador Ignição Festival, main stage, Oeiras, Online


2020 - Collective exhibition Eigenheim Ed.N4, Eigenheim Gallery, Berlin

2020 - O.E. with Rodrigo Rosa and Fabio Colaço, Artroom, Lisbon

2019 - Bienal da Fábrica, Marvila

2019 - Collective exhibition  From the Lab to the Studio II - Neue Technologien und Materialien in der Kunst, EIGENHEIM Gallery, Weimar

2019- Solo show Elástico, Zaratan Contemporary Art, Lisboa

2019- POSITIONS Art Fair Berlin - Booth A12, Flughafen tempelhof - Hangar 4,Berlim

2019-  Painting Graduate Show , National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon

2019-  ARCO Lisboa Art Fair, Stand K01, Graça Brandão Gallery, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon

2019- Collective exhibition celebrating the 100 years of BAUHAUS, (official program of the jubileum) -  Ego vs. Eco – eine Gegenüberstellung, Eigenheim Gallery, Berlin

2019- Artistic intervention MINA, National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon

2019- Collective exhibition  Jet Lag, Liminare Gallery, Lisbon

2019 - Collective exhibition  From the Lab to the Studio - Neue Technologien und Materialien in der Kunst, EIGENHEIM Gallery, Berlim

2019 - Artistic residency Atelier Solar, Madrid, Spain

2019 -  Collective exhibition I will take the risk, curated by Carolina Trigueiros, Tomaz Hipólito Studio, Marvila

2019 - Collective exhibition Eu procuro dizer como tudo é outra coisa, UmbigoLAB, Online

2019 - Exhibition A.J. Millenium BCP PrizeLACS, Cascais


2018 - D.Fernando Prize Exhibition, MU.SA, Sintra

2018 - Collective exhibition Prémio A.J. Millenium BCPLACS Cascais, Cascais

2018 - Individual Exhibition Polpa, Graça Brandão Gallery, Lisbon

2018 - Winner of the Arte Jovem Millennium BCP Prize 2018

2018 - Exhibition of the nominees for the Arte Jovem Millennium BCP Prize, Águas Livres 8, Lisbon

2018 - ARCO Art fair , Galeria Graça Brandão – Stand J01, Lisbon

2018 - Collective exhibition MATEREALITÄT - über Transformationen des Greifbaren, Waidspeicher Gallery, Erfurt, Germany

2017 - Collective exhibition Bauhaus Essentials, Gallery Mark6, Bauhaus Eins, Weimar

2017 - Individual exhibition  NOTLÜGEN - WHITE LIES, Inserted in Summaery 2017, Van-de-Velde Bau, Weimar, Germany

2017 - Awarded with the BAUHAUS Essentials Prize

2017 - Collective exhibition Rasterfahndung mit Druck (Dragnet with pressure) Bauhaus Eins, Weimar

2017 - Collective exhibition 327,Centro Cultural de Cascais, Foundation D.Luis I, Cascais, Portugal

2016 - 180 Anos – Etching Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon

2015 - E.D.E.N. (Every Day Every Night) multiple locations, Lisbon

2012 - Collective exhibition Efeito Involuntário, E.S.A.A.A., Lisbon

2012 - Collective exhibition Páginas, U.C.P. Viseu, Portugal

2011 - Conference in  U.C.P. with Gonçalo Byrne.

2011 - Collective exhibition Páginas, Galveias Palace, Lisbon

2011 - Collective exhibition Páginas -  F.B.A.U.L, Lisbon, Portugal

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